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Oxford Preparatory Academy Middle School

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Is the new middle school petition approved?

A1: Our OPA Middle School was approved unconditionally for a term of 5 years at the OCDE meeting on October 5, 2022.

Q2: Where will the middle school be located?

A2: We are presently considering several different sites, but the one we ultimately occupy should be in the area between our two current sites.

Q3: Will all OPA middle school students be able to attend the new middle school next year?

A3: Our middle school students will have priority for enrollment at the new middle school, and we are hopeful they will all join us.

Q4: What will happen to our two current school sites–SOC and SV?

A4: Each of these elementary schools will serve grades TK through 5th starting in 2023-24. 

Q5: Will current OPA middle school teachers move to the new middle school?

A5: Teachers will have the opportunity to transfer to the new middle school, and those who volunteer to do so will be given priority.

Q6: Will the uniform policy remain the same at the new middle school?

A6: Yes, the uniform policy will remain unchanged.

Q7: Will the new middle school carry on with our current OPA traditions?

A7: Many OPA traditions will be continued, a few “lost” traditions will likely be restored, and new traditions appropriate for our middle school students will be established.

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