OPA Message 4/26/2021

April 23, 2021

Dear OPA Families and Staff,

We are all very excited to start our extended day program this Monday, April 26, 2021. Our staff and professors have been working extremely hard to make schedule changes, create small group times, infuse more enrichment activities into the schedule, prepare classrooms, and get everything ready for this exciting switch. Whether your student is virtual or hybrid, please make sure that you have reviewed all of the information sent from the chancellors and professors so that your champion is ready for Monday.  

OPA is offering free COVID-19 PCR testing for students each week at our SOC campus.  If you would like your student to be tested, please make an appointment by emailing [email protected]. You will also need to complete the Color Genetics testing form to register your student before their appointment. A parent or guardian must be present to test any student under 13 years old. 

The OPA Board of Directors and administrative staff are beginning a strategic planning process to determine areas of focus and ways to continue improving our OPA schools. As part of this process, we will be holding focus groups with parents, staff, and students to better understand our current strengths and also determine areas where we can improve. We also want feedback from all of our stakeholders regarding your priorities and aspirations for OPA. If you would like to participate in the focus groups, which will be held in mid to late May, please fill out the interest form. The more voices we have providing input, the better our outcomes will be for our OPA champions!

Thank you to all of our families, staff and students for your continued flexibility, creativity, and dedication during these difficult times. I am so lucky to be part of this incredible community. Each time I talk with other administrators from around the county and the state, I am reminded of how special our OPA community is and what an incredible experience you all provide for our OPA champions. Thank you all for everything you do. OPA truly is an exceptional educational organization. Have an amazing weekend OPA! 


The OPA Administration Team