Congratulations to our 7th grade Science and STEAM teacher, Ms. Erin Kolk!

Ms. Erin Kolk, 7th grade Science and STEAM teacher, was nominated for the Air and Space Forces Association's STEM Teacher of the Year!
Dr. Stephanie Henry, Chief Academic Officer, described a strength of Ms. Kolk's as "effectively incorporating experiments and projects into her teaching methods, allowing students to apply theoretical concepts in practical situations, and promoting deeper understanding and retention. She regularly encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, and experimentation, and develops a mindset of discovery in her classroom." 
Ms. Kolk is an outstanding instructional leader and has been pivotal in creating STEM experiences for our students at every grade level.  
STEM teachers shape the future of our nation by introducing students to exciting new concepts and offering a glimpse into what’s possible. The Air & Space Forces Association believes that recognizing those who educate America’s youth is an important aspect of what AFA is all about. Every year, AFA’s Teacher of the Year program sponsored by Rolls-Royce proudly honors the commitment and achievements of these extraordinary teachers.