Academic Intervention Program

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The Academic Intervention program at Oxford Preparatory Academy is designed to support all students with academic needs in Reading and Math. The intervention team works closely with classroom teachers, parents, and students to create a learning environment in which each student is given the tools and attention to reach their full potential. All students are individuals with unique learning styles. The team strives to honor those differences and help each student succeed!

What makes OPA Intervention special? 

Students are strategically engaged through personalized plans tailored to address their unique learning needs. Intervention initiatives are seamlessly integrated into the academic framework, utilizing both pull-out and push-in models during non-core instructional periods. These interventions are meticulously designed to cater to each student's requirements through targeted small-group sessions or one-on-one instruction. 
Our reading curriculum is meticulously crafted based on rigorous research, ensuring alignment with the Science of Reading principles and state standards. Similarly, our math curriculum is intricately designed to adhere to state standards, employing a multifaced approach. Through a blend of direct instruction, immersive game-based learning experiences, and a consideration for multiple intelligences, students are empowered to develop a robust understanding of mathematical concepts while fostering a deep appreciation for the subject. 

How do students qualify for the Intervention Program? 

Elementary Qualifications
  • Teacher referred
  • Must go through the SST process
  • 2 or more grade levels behind in Reading and Math
Middle School Qualifications
  • Teacher referred
  • 2 or more grade levels behind in Writing, Reading, and Math

Intervention Specialists

SV: Ms. Ashlie DiCarlo
SOC: Mr. Bryan Rechtien
MS: Ms. Rachel Thompson