Parent Ambassador Program

Parents Helping Parents    

Parent Ambassadors are a network of dedicated parent volunteers who serve as a connection to other parents through involvement, education, and leadership.
  • Do you have a question but aren't sure who to ask or where to go?
  • Are you looking to get more connected with OPA but aren't sure where to start? 
  • Are you a prospective parent looking to talk to a current parent about OPA?
Our Parent Ambassadors are here to help you! Each of the Parent Ambassador volunteers listed below are available and willing to assist you in any way they can. Please feel free to reach out to them direct with any questions!
Karen Noronha - [email protected]
Brandy Matthews - [email protected]
Jeannie Lee - [email protected]
Tina Arzani - [email protected] 
Dawn Maltin- [email protected]
Heather Coons - [email protected]

The Parent Ambassador Program

Are you interested in becoming a Parent Ambassador? All parents and guardians are welcome to become Parent Ambassadors! 
What would I do as a Parent Ambassador?
Parent Ambassadors are OPA experts who can be found participating in a wide variety of activities supporting parents, such as: 
  • Answering questions from other parents
  • Providing education and learning opportunities for parents
  • Building connections between parents and parent groups
  • Representing OPA in community focus groups 
  • Supporting prospective OPA parents
What is the difference between being a volunteer and being a Parent Ambassador?
Although Parent Ambassadors are volunteers, they differ from other volunteers in a few key ways. 
- Individuals must qualify to be a Parent Ambassador by completing extensive and specific volunteer requirements. 
- Parent Ambassadors represent the entire OPA community, not just their campus.
- Parent Ambassadors understand the OPA system with great detail and depth and are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with others. 
- Parent Ambassadors attend specific Parent Ambassador meetings (2/3 times a year in the evening).
How long is a Parent Ambassdor commitment?
Parent Ambassador terms are 1 year. They run from May to May each year. 
What are the requirements to become a Parent Ambassador?
There are 2 required steps to becoming a Parent Ambassador: 
Step 1. Become a cleared volunteer (fingerprinted, TB test, etc.) See the Volunteer page for detailed information on how to become a cleared volunteer. 
Step 2. Earn a minimum of 50 points through the tiered volunteer point system. Points are earned through participating in various volunteer activities. Being a tired system means that a minimum number of points must be earned in each category (or tier). 
Tier 1 (Involvement): 20 points required
Tier 2 (Education): 20 points required
Tier 3 (Leadership): 10 points required
Reference the document titled "Tier activities and points" on the right side of this page for a detailed list of activities and points within each tier. 
Qualifying volunteer hours are earned between the start of the school year and April 24, 2024. All qualifying volunteer hours must be completed and submitted by April 24, 2024. 
Don't forget to submit your volunteer hours after each activity so you receive credit for your time and work!
Submit your hours using the button on the right hand side of this page or by clicking on this link. A QR code is also available at each school campus which will link to the points form. . 
What are the benefits of being a Parent Ambassador?
Research has shown that parent involvement, such as volunteering, can positively benefit both you and your child in many ways. This includes not only an increase in attendance, completed homework, and academic achievement, but also increased motivation and self-esteem. 
As a participant, being a Parent Ambassador also allows you to develop as a leader and work closely with your school administration, contributing your thoughts and ideas.
And as an extra thank you and recognition for their extensive and valuable work, Parent Ambassadors also receive a personalized name badge, preferential seating at certain events, and invitations to participate in focus groups and other special events. 
Why are there specific volunteer requirements to be a Parent Ambassador?
The Parent Ambassador program is designed to be a network of parents who serve as a connection to other parents through Involvement, Education, and Leadership. Requiring participation in each of these areas (or each tier) ensures members are able to fully embrace and commit to the purpose of the program. 
I want to be a Parent Ambassador! What is my next step?
1. Become a cleared volunteer
2. Volunteer at an event
3. Submit your volunteer time on the volunteer points form. A link to this form can also be found on the right hand side of this page.  A QR code is also available at each school campus which will link to the points form. 
Adding your volunteer hours to the volunteer points form will automatically add you to the Parent Ambassador Interest list. You will begin receving information as it is sent out. In the meantime, keep volunteering! 
If you have additional questions, contact Dr. Stephanie Henry at [email protected]