Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS)



  • To teach children appropriate behavior and provide supports necessary to sustain that behavior.
  • It helps create safer and more effective schools. 
  • Positive environments help all students feel valued and supported. 

Benefits of Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports

  • Students learn and are reinforced for the behaviors that are desired and expected, rather than only learning what they should not do.
  • Positive behavior supports have been found to promote positive learning environments, create trusting and respectful student-teacher relationships, and result in more frequent and long-lasting demonstration of positive, desired behavior by students. 
  • In schools where PBIS is being implemented with fidelity, improvement were found in office discipline referrals, suspensions, school safety and climate, academic achievement, and bullying. https://pent.ca.gov/pbis/about/index.aspx