OPA Traditions

Traditions play an important role in the culture at Oxford Preparatory Academy. They provide us with shared experiences which in turn help create a sense of school pride and provide a way to form and express our unique school identity.  Traditions also help us make meaningful connections with each other and reinforce our community's shared values. 
OPA has many time-honored traditions, loved and celebrated by our entire community. Here are some of our favorites!

Literature Day

Literature Day is a highlight of OPA traditions, blending having fun with building a joy for reading! On the big day, students dress as a favorite character in a book and bring a copy of their book to share with friends. To add to the fun and excitement, the elementary schools host a big parade, and the middle school hosts a costume contest! 
Lit day sign Cute kid photo Girls in costume

Frosty Follies

Who better to entertain elementary age students with a fun talent show then our fun loving 8th graders?  Showcasing their skills and talent on stage not only builds their confidence but provides endless entertainment for all. 
Frosty Follies on stage singing Frosty Follies

Annual Day of Service

Engaging in community service-based activities is one way that OPA works to fulfill its mission. The annual day of service provides an opportunity to come together as a school through the shared values of service and activism, while also helping to build contributing members of society. 
Day of service workers photo day of service kids photo day of service check in photo

Polar Express Day

The magic of the Polar Express comes alive with pajamas, hot chocolate, and some snow! Every student gets a golden ticket and dances to the hot chocolate dance to get into the winter spirit. 
polar express image polar express kid polar express santa

Teal Donuts

Sometimes it's the small things that matter the most! Celebrating the first day of school with teal donuts is an eagerly anticipated tradition for all students. Nothing says "Welcome Back" like a delicious donut!   
Teal donut sign teal donuts Girl with teal donut

Jingle Jam

Get into the spirit of the holiday season with a Jingle Jam! OPA's music program plays an important role in developing the whole child and the Jingle Jam is a fun way to showcase this approach. With each grade singing songs of the season, you can't help but want to sing along!
SOC Jingle Jam students singing Jingle Jam students singing Jingle Jam drum line

Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year marks the first new moon of the lunisolar calendars traditional to many east Asian countries. OPA celebrates this time of year with activities such as lion dances where they "feed" red envelopes into the lion's mouth for good luck. 
SOC Jingle Jam students singing Jingle Jam students singing Jingle Jam drum line