Welcome to OPA

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Oxford Preparatory Academy (Oxford Prep) strives to create a center for higher learning where students from transitional kindergarten to eighth grade are prepared to pursue high level academic studies, as well as gain skills to be successful in the diverse, global community. Our students do not just meet, but exceed grade level expectations and become critical thinkers as they engage with dynamic teaching that makes them self-motivated, competent, and lifelong learners.
At OPA, we believe that all students are gifted. Student individual needs are met through differentiate instruction, based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences.  Students participate in activities and lessons that allow them to learn and exhibit understanding through a variety of ways that meet their individual multiple intelligences. 
Students at OPA also participate in a variety of enrichment opportunities, including world languages (at all grade levels), music, STEAM lab, Taekwondo, physical education, after-school clubs and sports, 1:1 technology, and electives.
Our university themed classrooms build student excitement about higher education. Each classroom is affiliated with a university, where students learn about college life, admissions, sports, and academics. This also builds classroom community and inclusion.
We provide a welcoming, inclusive environment for all students, where diversity is embraced.